Contemporary Dance Class (advance and professional level)
Wednesdays 3-5pm / Saturdays 1-3pm (P300 per class)

Physical actions render our intentions and motivation. This training session is intended for professional dancers, actors, choreographers as well as people who wish to pursue further interest in contemporary performance. In this class, we shall activate mind and body connections, articulating dynamic movement material, energy, time, rhythm, via clarity of images and intention. Drawing heavily from releasing technique, the class progresses gradually from a slow warm up to rhythmical movement combinations as we explore different spatial orientations across space. As always we shall challenge our instincts, intuition, energy and perception looking utilizing gestures, authentic physical and everyday actions. Classes will be taught by Donna Miranda

for inquiries call/text 09266635606 or email



Beneath Polka-dotted Skies Manila Kick-off Performance
Choreography Donna Miranda | Music Pow Martinez 

Performed by Marah Arcilla

also with Blums Borres and The Lovegangsters performing Listen Little Brother

It seems then that this piece of information is something we can no longer hold back. Despite the precarious situation and financial crisis gripping the rest of the world, there are the persistent ones who would simply rather plunge into the treacherous edge of uncertainty and sensuous unknown. Because this is what the mad savage children have been raised to do. Oblivious to constant reality-checks and imminent pragmatism. After much thought weighing gains and losses, we have finally made up our minds and push through we shall. What difference will another love crime be after all? Anyway, this one is long overdue of a proper showing at the home front. So it is with much pleasure that we invite you to the kick-off fund raising performance of Beneath Polka-dotted Skies before it moves over to Hannover, Germany for the 23rd International Competition for Choreographers Hanover on April 3, Friday at Green Papaya Art Projects.

Beneath Polka-dotted Skies, choreographed by Donna Miranda, won the Jury Prize Award at the 2007 Yokohama Dance Collection-R Solo X Duo Competition in Yokohama, Japan in 2007. It has been invited to theLive Arts Bangkok Festival (Thailand, 2007), WiFi Body Festival (Philippines, 2007) and FreeDance International Festival (Ukraine, 2008). And while it's been said over and over that old dogs can't learn new tricks, no one said anything about unlearning old ones. Surely, nothing sounds more enticing than a virgin going through that first baby step. So is Marah Arcilla who will be performing the piece in Germany as her coming-out party of sorts. Also performing for the evening are Blums Borres and The Lovegangsters, lending the conspiratorial air that makes everything smell so warm and cuddly.

Now on its 23rd year, the International Competition for Choreographers Hanover maintains a prominent position in the German and international dance scene. Every year, it receives approximately 160 entries from 45 countries, attended by international top class jury. It has since recieved worldwide critical appeal. The competition provides a platform for new young choreographers to present their work on the world's stage to present to a renowned expert jury and experience the advantages of professional stage technology, not to mention the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and the audience.


20 WRECKLESS ACTS sound dance performance reckless acts

ria muñoz / atchoo ilagan / donna miranda / red lasam / diego maranan
also with pow martinez, carlos celdran mia cabalfin plus more

With nothing under her sleeves but a pack of cigarettes she obsessively lights to pass time she silently sits and waits. Albeit nervous and wary. Patiently she combs the imaginary landscapes of cities wandered loved and hated. Where is the little boy who once cried wolf? And now people pass by without second guessing the whispers which travel from one ear to another. I am witness to your little secrets. I have exorcised my past. At peace with history. At peace with stories weaved in between the strands of my hair. I clutched those stories close to my heart only to remind me of the madness that burns. I am with you, just waiting at the turning. I am with you, the ghost in your head reminding you of risks. I am without you in your quest for reason for I have long fallen out of ordinary pleasures. Those like Sunday morning strolls, quiet afternoons, quiet days punctuated by desperate acts of love.

20 Wreckless Acts traces the path of personal interaction. Catching the emancipating shadow of relief that overtakes our bodies as we lie down, sit down, fall flat on the floor, feet wide open. Exhausted maybe. But definitely calm. Perhaps persisting against fatigue, conspirators Ria Muñoz, Donna Miranda, Red Lasam, Atchoo Ilagan and Diego Maranan stage another adventure. This time taming the 'high' of spontaneity and improvisation acts towards more deliberate interventions. Unlocking the points of sound and choreographic intersection. Joining them for this one-night only affair is the kindred company of Pow Martinez, Carlos Celdran, Mia Cabalfin and friends. The windows remain open against torrential rain the mindful spectator picks up herself, sits down and wait. Again, lights up that last cigarette. A signal for change. The transcendent illusion of stasis.



Remember this place where we shared our tiny grace? But just because its real its gonna work. Still no point in not dreaming like foolish love birds thrown to the air, gasping for dear life. Struggling out of the boring tedium of the every day. If only all those thousand phone calls, came returned. Foolishness remains battling the cynics. A rainbow of love crowns the metro. Possibilities abound, as usual the moment is always now. Never mind the bumpy ride, your next one-night adventure is about to take place. A performance is like an adventure, misplaced from the continuity of life, cutting out a piece of the endless continuous sequences of perceived experience, detaching it from all connectives to exist in itself. Self-sufficient. Unique. Unforgettable? yes. Pure–some dare. Yet fading.

Finally getting tired of too much day dreaming, The Lovegangsters embark on its first urban love adventure aboard Carlos Celdran’s funky MRT tour/ride from Ayala to Cubao to launch the Groovy Manila Map n’ Guide on June 14. Come in your best emo, goth, disco love attire for this one is definitely a free for all! We shall be blasting your all-time favorite disco hits while onboard the train as each one dance their hesitation away. No steps, no counts, no choreography, just plain old fun dancing. Most of all no dancing experience required. But dress up, remember no effort no entry!

1.  This is no metaphor for any serious art action; it’s really happening. and can only happen if 

     you come. WE WILL BE WAITING.
2.  Meeting point is Starbucks Petron Pasay Road/EDSA 6:00pm. But you can also catch up
     at the Ayala MRT Station 6:15pm.
3.  We shall be riding from Ayala Station all the way to Cubao, then navigate our way to
     Cubao X where the party officially begins at Mogwai Cinema and Bar
4.  If you’d rather catch up at the other stations on the way to Cubao, you can do that too.
     Do make sure to get the timing right.
5.  For more information, holler up 0926 6635606




of course not this is a bathtub
Choreography Donna Miranda | Sound Pow Martinez

8:00 PM January 27, 2008, Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, Philippines
6:30 PM February 7, 2008, Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama, Japan
9:00 PM February 27, 2008, Brunnenstrasse, Berlin, Germany

We will always be here for you. No matter what!

Complete with vows of undying devotion till death do us part a dance ensues. After the high expectation settles into dust. Follow we do, the trail of pleasure scent luring us back into the inevitable vicious cycle of trial and error. Along the corridors loiter rage. The persistent persists, never say die for tomorrow we drink! Why hide at all? The Love GanGsters finally musters courage to come out to the fore. Out of the woods deeper into the urban jungle. A collective of prankster artists in contemporary dance, sound, design and video part-timing as free radicals, geek technicians, religious converts, pleasure activists and mercenaries. We come to spread havoc, breaking privileged position of 'art practice' by examining performance situations via interventionist propaganda one love crime at a time. Like whores peddling experiences, sensual escapes, drunken stupor and forgetful experiences nevertheless worthwhile moments of break.

Yes, its has been repeatedly said and done; collectives (seemingly dirty word of out-dated propaganda) are not easy arrangements. Yet the appeal of romance and one-night stand love affair collaborations are too beguiling to withstand. So here we are wallpapers peeling off old surface waiting to resuscitate. Parasitic dreams, living off the evil promise of stasis, change, hope, love and world peace. Beware, running is not an option. We will always catch you.

In this first official outing, The Lovegangsters kick-off its series of performances of Of course not this is a bathtub with a coming-out performance-party on 27 January 2008, 8pm. Yes, it's a Sunday. The perfect day to commit a crime! In this second-generation work-in-progress, Donna Miranda and Paolo Martinez collaborates with Patty Eustaquio, Brendan Goco, Tara Illenberger,Norberto Roldan and Gani Simpliciano to produce a sound + performance + video installation to jump start their participation in 2008 Yokohama Dance Collection-R in Japan. Taking advantage of temperate January climate, we also officially launch The Lovegangsters as a performance platform with guest performance of resident conspirator Jethro Pioquinto. Ditch the lazy Sunday plan, send us your love, better yet join us in music dance extravaganza!

Of course not, this is a bathtub gives face to the nameless melodrama of our everyday frames of experience. Paddling between stubborn hope and grief, desperate wisdom and intentional blindness, we trick our bodies into a mindful compromise of life driven by purpose. This solo dance piece fishes into the discourse of the absurd via the symbolic articulation of a world allied by fears and anxiety via melodramatic allusions to love, desire, poverty and sentimental songs that lead to the comic tragedy of our chosen paths. A woman sits in front of an empty bathtub. Silent with delirium, resignation gradually consumes her body, like a banyan root creeping up and eating its host. In this state of submission, what else is she still waiting for?

for inquiries
sms or call: +63926 6635606